These general conditions purport to regulate the access and use of the chat service provided by Televenture Limited (Televenture), with registered address at Town Range 50, Gibraltar.
Upon using this chat service, the user confirms that he/she has understood and accepted these general conditions in their entirety. This service is regulated by the Wireless Application Service Providers' Association (WASPA).


Televenture gives value-added services based on SMS messages which are sent in a non continuous manner.
In order to initiate a chat dialogue, the user must register on the website local-dating.com and choose a given profile.
In order to enliven the chat system, hostesses are contracted to participate in the chat dialogues with the users. There is no specific indication for the hostess profiles.


In order to utilize the chat service, the user must confirm that he/she is over 18 years old and must have a telephone number under his/her name when he/she registers on the local-dating.com website.
The user of the chat service is responsible for the content of the messages that he/she sends.
In case of loss of the user's telephone, the user of the chat service must immediately communicate Televenture of this loss and he/she will be responsible for the cost of any SMS messages sent from said telephone until Televenture has been notified of that loss.

Conditions for access to the service

The user is obliged to respect these general conditions and to make no use contrary to the law, to the public order or to respectable manners.
If a case is detected where there is a use contrary to these general conditions, to the law, to the public order or to respectable manners, Televenture reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or terminate access to the service.

Cost of the service

The cost of each SMS message sent by the user of the chat dialogue service is R20.00, including VAT.
The following are free:
a) SMS messages sent by Televenture to the user,
b) The first message sent by the user through the local-dating.com website in order to establish the chat
c) The SMS message sent by the user requesting the termination of the service under the terms provided in the present general conditions.

Termination of the service

The user can, at any moment, terminate the service by sending a SMS message to the access code number 39860 with the following words: "STOP 40272".

Personal data

The user expressly authorizes Televenture, as well as the operators of the supporting services, to collect and store all the personal data voluntarily supplied, for billing purposes and to keep business contact with the client.
Televenture is the entity responsible for the handling of the personal data acquired directly from the client.
The client can exercise his/her right to the access, correct, and/or delete his/her personal data, under request to Televenture at its registered office or via the following email ajuda@smsconfidencial.com.

Modifications of the General Conditions

The supplier of the service can, at any time, modify these general conditions.

Assistance and complaints

The telephone number for service for the user is 0823242412
The user can send his/her complaints preferably by e-mail at the following address ajuda@smsconfidencial.com, or by ordinary mail, to Televenture's registered address.


Televenture does not accept responsibility for:
a) inaccessibility to the website local-dating.com,
b) interruptions or failures of the communication,
c) non-authorized access or manipulation of personal data,
d) the content of messages sent by the users,
e) unlawful use of the chat service by users who are not the owners of the used telephone numbers.


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